Products Development

We develop custom made electronic products, from the
idea to the final prototype. TECREA work turnkey with the customer until getting a “ready to market” product.


Electronics is entirely designed in house: hardware (schematic diagrams, PCB), firmware, enclosure design and user interface.


Our team has all the skills and knowledge to build with our customer their product and be in all of the stages of a development process, working under international standards.


We have developed products for all kind of industries.Our team is specialized in developing hardware applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), using wireless communication technologies like LoRA, Sigfox, Cell Phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, among others. Our experience is based on endless projects in the electrical and energy field, Smarcities, agriculture and electronic consumer in general.


We are your perfect partner to turn your ideas into reality.


Design (PCB)

We have a team of experts in PCB design, working from a schematic and applying international standards.


We design manufacturing-oriented, implementing improvements that impact products including high-efficiency components.


We use the best CAD tools in order to guarantee high quality standards in our designs, where the integrity of all the signals are analyzed for better performance.


In Tecrea, we have extensive experience in electronic design for all of industries, technologies and applications.


Software Development (Firmware)

Thanks to the specialization in embedded firmware and software  development, our engineering team has developed projects with the newest processor architecture, such as, MIPS, ARM v1 to v7/Cortex™ in high level products  and the most common  microcontrollers 8,16 and 32 bits of  NXP, Microchip, ST y TI in order to enhance low and medium complex products.


We also integrate ready-to-go embedded platforms based on Arduino, SOM (system-on-module), and the most popular one: SBC(Single-Board Computer) like

RasberryPi, BeagleBoard, WandBoard, PandaBoard, among others.


Our broad experience in firmware development has let us establish a strong programing methodology  in the standards ANSI and POSIX of the C/C++ language which allows to be implemented from BareMetal to operative system RTOS y Linux. Thus, we can reduce the product improvement transition and, at the same time, increase its scalability


Furthermore, we count on an SVN version control system that grants to keep a detailed documentation and a technical traceability of each project


Our ability in firmware development is adjustable to other industry practices, standards and languages. We adapt our focus to our customers’ needs by implementing Agile methodologies


& advisory Services

Broad experience and knowledge are qualities present in our staff. That is why, we may contribute with new ideas and diagnosis in order to help enhancing our customers’ products.


Tecrea offers a specialized advisory line in any of the stages for hardware development process.


Electronic product conception.


Final product price analysis.

Electronic design consulting.


Design for manufacturing services